(i) the holidays began to live together in October 2002, when the husband was 33 years old and the wife was 23 years old. He is Italian and she is Swedish, ii) they got engaged in April 2003, when the woman was pregnant, a student (I was told in a business class) and was about to take her final exams. She graduated, iii) her husband worked as an investment banker and the wife told the man that she was very happy to be engaged, and there was no disagreement that there was no direct pressure from both parties to marry,iv) her oldest child was born on July 4, 2003;v) in a timely manner , the woman felt came that the parties wanted to marry the parties. The husband agreed, but he made it clear that it was important to him that they entered into a marriage pact before the marriage, vi) the husband was 10 years older than his wife and, before beginning his relationship, he had accumulated some wealth through his efforts and inheritance, the wife had nothing to object to the need to enter into a marriage pact. and what was called “marriage regime” was established by a Swedish lawyer known to the woman`s family with whom she communicated by e-mail (the emails were sent to the judge), viii) the matrimonial regime was concluded on June 5, 2005 and re-signed on August 5, 2005 to correct a small error in the inventory of the husband`s property , which was set for him in the calendar. (ix) the parties married on August 27, 2005 in Sweden,x) her second child was born on June 9, 2006,xi) the woman stayed at home and was therefore the main caretaker of the children. She did not need to go to work during the marriage, and the parties had a choice that she would not. She has a diploma, but no professional qualification and has not worked since she was 19 years old,, xii) separated parts in May 2008,xiii) the woman remained in the former matrimonial home with the children, and lived there with them at the time of the hearing before the judge. It was a rented apartment on Old Brompton Road, xiv) the husband was laid off in June 2009, etxv) in September 2009 he took a new job in a Bank of Milan at a salary of 125,000 euros per year (about $55,000 net per year), which was significantly lower than his rate of pay in his previous job. (i) a marital agreement is only one factor in the exercise of the discretion conferred by the McA and ((ii) of the guidelines given to Granatino on the approach to be adopted by the Tribunal and on the weight of an agreement (and therefore autonomy in a given case) and factors that affect and reinforce that weight are to be read and applied in this context; , but also (ii) in the context of the significant and significant transfer of weight that the Supreme Court should give to the Supreme Court of autonomy to determine an overall fair result, assessed by the correct application of the legal discretion. I.122.

Separation agreements may be “contractual” or “decretal” I.a. Distinction with significant consequences without I.126. In the context of a marriage dissolution or separation procedure, the provisions of the separation agreement, with the exception of those providing for the assistance, custody and desecration of children, are binding on the Tribunal, unless, after considering the economic circumstances of the parties and any other relevant evidence presented by the parties, it determines, on its own assistance or at the request of the Tribunal. that the separation agreement is unacceptable. I.29. the agreement was unacceptable in its execution, (i) the court below erred in law, (ii) the decision falls outside the scope of reasonable differences and is therefore patently wrong, and (iii) there has been a serious procedural irregularity or irregularity that renders the decision unfair.