48. In the event that the amount of payments to the Yukon under the Canada-Yukon agreement and the Canada-Yukon agreement in the labour market for persons with disabilities is greater than the amount to which the Yukon is entitled under these agreements, the amount of the surplus is a liability of Canada and will be refunded to Canada immediately after notification and within the time frame set in the notice. This copy of the bilateral transfer agreement between the Canadian government and the Yukon serves only as a reference and research. The final version of the agreement is the official version between the parties. WDAs support the development and delivery of programs and services that help Canadians improve their skills, gain work experience, start their own businesses, and provide employment advice and targeted programming for people with disabilities and older workers. The Yukon government is currently working to expand the program opportunities offered by the WDA and the LMDA, which address the multiple needs of Yukon First Nations, employers and service organizations. Training and service services offered in the Yukon through labour market agreements with the Canadian government include labour market development agreements (LMDAs) with each province and region to design and deliver similar employment programs to employment benefits and supports, as described in Part II of the InsuranceEmployment Act. They also provide a skilled workforce that meets the current and emerging needs of employers. 40. This agreement replaces the Canada-Yukon agreement and the Canada-Yukon labour market agreement for persons with disabilities when it came into force.

On that day, those agreements will be revoked. The Canada Training Benefit will be available to the millions of Canadian workers who stick to it. It is estimated that approximately 600,000 Canadians will take Canada`s training credit each year. The use of EI training support depends on the final design. These agreements represent an increase of nearly $6 million over this period over previous funding levels. These new investments are expected to benefit an additional 600 workers over the past six years, with more jobs and training for people living in the Yukon, including skills development, apprenticeship, work experience, placement, placement, job placement, etc. Agreements announced today include the new Labour Development Agreement (WDA) and the revised Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA). In six years (2017-18 to 2022-23), Yukon will receive approximately $45 million: nearly $18 million through the WDA and more than US$27 million through the LMDA. In the 2020 Speech from the Throne, the Canadian government committed to making the largest training investment in Canadian history and announced that it would launch a campaign to create more than one million jobs to bring employment back to the pre-pandemic level.